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Nightingale Dev Explains Mass Effect and Dragon Age Influences

Inflexion Games, a new studio made up of several ex-BioWare developers and lead by former BioWare GM Aaron Flynn, revealed their first game titled Nightingale at The Game Awards last year. Described as a survival crafting game, on the surface it doesn’t seem to be influenced by any BioWare project, but Flynn explained just how games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age and even Anthem inspired them.

In a recent interview with IGN, Flynn went into detail about how Nightingale draws inspiration from BioWare franchises like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, particularly the hard lessons learned from his time working on those games. Flynn stated that while Nightingale won’t have the “narrative spine” of something like Mass Effect, it does draw influences from other aspects of its world-building and player agency.

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Flynn explained in more detail:

“We think we can take a lot of lessons learned from Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and even Anthem. And say, ‘How can we build a world that has survival crafting gameplay in it, but still provides that tremendous umbrella of lore and rich conceits, that make it just a compelling place to be in that space?'”

Flynn also said that Nightingale will lean into player choice, something that Mass Effect and Dragon Age are renowned for. Flynn stated that he wants Nightingale players to feel the consequences of their decisions, and how it will impact the game’s world:

“I think one thing that great RPGs, and these survival sandbox games should have in common is this notion of autonomy. That players feel like [they] get to do what [they] want in this world. And we can only offer so much; there are always going to be invisible walls and things like that. But the more we can, as developers, offer autonomy and real meaningful chances to impact and change the world of the game, and see those choices reflected back in compelling ways, the better a job we’ve done.”

Nightingale is expected to release in early access for PC sometime in 2022. The closed beta will begin in the next few months, which you can register for here.

Source: IGN

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