Ninja Hits 1 Million Subscribers on Mixer Five Days After Leaving Twitch
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Over the weekend we reported on Ninja moving away from Twitch in favour for Microsoft’s streaming platform, Mixer. It seems the move has already been fruitful as the Fortnite streamer hit 1 million subscribers just five days after moving to the platform.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins tweeted after hitting 1,000,000 saying “thank you for all the incredible support. I haven’t felt this good in a long time”.

Microsoft is surely quite chuffed with the numbers too as they have never had anyone on the platform reach 1 million subscribers in such a short amount of time.

But there is a small catch. The Mixer platform is currently hosting a two month trial period where new users can sign up for exclusive perks. This free gift program is currently running just for Ninja’s channel.

It is still unclear how many of these 1 million new users will hang around after the two-month trial ends and users will have to pay money to continue receiving the perks. The price will jump from free to $5,99 per month.

However, many users were already part of the Twitch Prime subscription so perhaps they have moved over to Mixer completely?

Mixer is the baby of the streaming platforms available worldwide when compared to Twitch and YouTube. It only accounts for 3% of the time spent watching streams online which is tiny compared to Twitch’s 72%.

Other streamers don’t forsee Ninja being as popular on Mixer as he was on Twitch. Dr Disrespect stated he has a “gut” feeling Ninja’s numbers are going to go down due to the lack of exposure on the platform. Mixer does not have many big names on the streaming platform which is not a big draw for subscribers.

Do you subscribe to Ninja now on Mixer? Let us know down below.






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