Ninja Starts Streaming on YouTube After Mixer Shutdown

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Ninja Starts Streaming on YouTube After Mixer Shutdown

Instead of going back to Twitch, popular Fortnite streamer has decided to move to YouTube. This follows the news that Microsoft would shut down Mixer earlier last week leaving Ninja and other popular online streamers in the dark. Ninja originally left Twitch to join Mixer back in 2019 after Microsoft promised him a bright future for the streaming platform. However, that was not the case.

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Mixer will no longer function at the end of July and many were wondering where the streamer would go. It seems the answer is YouTube. Ninja hosted his first stream on the platform on Wednesday which raked in more than 100,000 viewers. The streamer posted a cryptic tweet right before going live which immediately got the attention of his fanbase.

Keep in mind that while Ninja had over 24 million subscribers on YouTube, he had never hosted a live stream before on the platform. The channel was being used for creating content such as playthrough and recaps. Although the initial stream was a success, many of his viewers felt he still belongs on Twitch. They spammed the chat and comments with statements such as “come back to Twitch”.

It is unclear yet whether or not YouTube will offer Ninja a deal to stay on the platform. The video site recently signed a deal with PewDiePie but has yet to offer one to Ninja. It seems the hasty move to Mixer caused some interruptions in the streamer’s life. However, we are confident that he will find a place to settle down once again. If this is Twitch or YouTube, we don’t know.

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