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Nintendo Confirms Account Migration to Switch Successor

Nintendo fans are rejoicing today as the company confirmed that when the Switch successor arrives, it will rely on account migration to transition players from one device to the other. During the 83rd annual Nintendo shareholders meeting, the president and CEO Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed that the company will not use new accounts to force players out of their current ecosystem.

Furukawa san says that Nintendo is working on plans to make sure that all Nintendo Accounts are used as a generational hand-off from one platform to the next. Furukawa san also admitted that in the past, Nintendo could have handled its account migration better.

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Nintendo has previously come under scrutiny for the way it handled the launch of new hardware. Furukawa san says that the company had to rebuild a relationship with its gamers each time new hardware was released due to the way account migration was handled.

Furukawa says that 290 million Nintendo Accounts exist today. Each account allows users to log in to certain games on the Nintendo Switch as well as a selection of mobile games and apps. He followed up by saying that when the Nintendo Switch successor arrives, Nintendo will do its best to transition customers from one device to the next.

This is great news for gamers. However, it does reveal how behind Nintendo is when it comes to the latest tech innovations. The company has, to be honest, always been a step behind the rest, especially in account management and tech. While the Switch boasts a massive user base, its dated hardware is still 1080p and Nintendo only got its account system in working order at the launch of the console.

Its competitors, Sony and Microsoft, have been using one account for the entirety of the gaming brand’s life. While backward compatibility hasn’t always existed, you still own the games you bought and could simply sign into the latest hardware using the same details you used before.

Nintendo has yet to reveal any information related to its new console. However, reports claim we can expect an announcement by the end of 2023.

Source; Nintendo

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