Nintendo Attending E3 2023 Skip Plans
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Nintendo Confirms It Won’t Attend E3 2023

After previous reports claimed that Nintendo will be skipping E3 this year, the company has now officially confirmed that it won’t be attending the massive annual gaming expo. According to Nintendo, E3 simply “didn’t fit” in the company’s plans for this year and has chosen to skip over E3 festivities which will take place in June this year.

Nintendo released a new statement confirming that it won’t attend E3 2023 because its current plans didn’t fit the event but it still remains a supporter of the ESA and E3. Nintendo’s biggest release of the year, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, will release on 12 May though it seems like the rest of the year’s lineup is mostly unknown for Nintendo fans.

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The statement provided to VentureBeat by Nintendo reads:

“We approach our involvement in any event on a case-by-case basis and are always considering various ways to engage with our fans. Since this year’s E3 show didn’t fit into our plans, we have made the decision to not participate. However, we have been and continue to be a strong supporter of the ESA and E3.”

Nintendo recently held a Direct event earlier this month with a Pokemon Presents planned for today. It’s possible that the company could plan several Direct events throughout the year to make up for its lack of presence at E3 but there could be other factors at play too.

Last month, Video Games Chronicle claimed that Tears of the Kingdom would be the last major game released for Nintendo Switch, suggesting that the hybrid console’s life might be coming to an end soon. A few weeks later, a Nikkei article reported that Nintendo had already begun negotiations with suppliers regarding a next-gen console that could be targeting a 2024 release. It seems that Nintendo might be focusing its current plans on new hardware which explains why its plans “didn’t fit” E3 this year but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: VentureBeat

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