Nintendo Direct Debuts Tetris Battle Royale, New Zelda, Mario and More
Nintendo Direct
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Nintendo held its yearly Nintendo Direct presentation recently, showing off what fans can get excited about for the upcoming year in terms of Nintendo titles. And there’s a lot to be excited about. Nintendo announced an exciting new Tetris battle royale game, a new Zelda game, Super Mario Maker is finally debuting on the Nintendo Switch, and so much more is in store for Nintendo fans for the year ahead.

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With so many exciting new games and developments happening at Nintendo, the presentation could feel a little overwhelming, so we’ve summarised some of the key announcements for you.

Super Mario Maker 2

Fans of Super Mario Maker, the 2015 Wii U game, have been wanting a version for the Nintendo Switch for a while now. And their wish was finally granted. Super Mario Maker 2 will launch on the Nintendo Switch in June 2019.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

The announcement trailer, which was debuted during the Nintendo Direct presentation, shows off how players will be able to create cool Super Mario courses.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

The original game was released more than 25 years ago, which now returns, reimagined for the Nintendo Switch. Link’s Awakening sees a modern twist on this classic game, with players transported on an adventure, returning to the mysterious island of Koholint.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

Tetris 99

One of the most exciting and surprising announcements from the Nintendo Direct presentation, is the Tetris 99. This new Tetris battle royale game is out now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The Nintendo Direct presentation also offered us a first good look at Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The game is set to debut on 26 July 2019 and, based on the five-minute long video, fans of the Fire Emblem franchise won’t be disappointed.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI is finally heading to the Nintendo Switch. What makes the Nintendo Switch version of the game so fun, is that players can switch the game to classic 16-bit visuals when it becomes available later this year.


A Nintendo 3DS favourite, Boxboy is finally making its way onto the Nintendo Switch. The game is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 26 April 2019. It will be a co-op game, featuring over 200 stages.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 3.0

A big update is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Version 3.0 was showcased during the presentation, showing off what’s to come. Joker, the playable fighting character was shown as well. But not many more details surrounding version 3.0 was revealed, so we will have to wait until the end of April.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

Astral Chain

This Nintendo Switch exclusive action game comes from the creators behind the popular Bayonetta franchise. Astral Chain sees players becoming part of a special unit in the police force in a city in the future.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

The game comes out on 30 August 2019.

You can watch the full presentation, which is about 35mins long, below.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

Which part stood out for you during the Nintendo Direct presentation?






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