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Nintendo is Already Working on its Next Movie Adaptation

After the huge success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie which is currently breaking records and might surpass a global box office milestone of $1 billion, it looks like Nintendo is already preparing its next movie adaptation. The news comes directly from legendary Nintendo game director Shigeru Miyamoto, though no details about the next project were actually revealed.

Speaking in an interview with Nikkei this weekend (translated by Video Games Chronicle), Miyamoto talked about the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie and hinted that the company’s next movie could focus on different Nintendo characters. While Miyamoto didn’t discuss any information about what the next movie could be, he simply suggested that Nintendo has more characters in its library of IPs that are a good fit for cinematic adaptations.

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Miyamoto stated in the interview:

“Please keep an eye on our next production. Nintendo is like a talent agency. We have many other entertainers (on our roster). There are various ways to develop characters (for the screen), including characters that are suitable for film and characters that are well known.”

This doesn’t entirely rule out the possibility of a sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie – or a certain haunted spin-off – but Nintendo’s other colourful properties could certainly translate well to the big screen in an animated format. The Legend of Zelda is the most speculated IP right now which has enormous potential for a movie adaptation. Others talked about by fans include Kirby, Metroid and Animal Crossing but these are all just theories and speculation for now until Nintendo gives us something official.

If you still haven’t seen The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it’s still circulating cinemas and doing pretty well for itself. The movie adaptation recently passed $800 million at the worldwide box office and is projected to pass the $1 billion milestone, becoming the most successful video game movie adaptation of all time.

Source: Nikkei (via Video Games Chronicle)

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