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Nintendo Patented a Dual-Screen Gaming Device That Splits in Two

Nintendo has patented another wild gaming device that operates similarly to the Nintendo 3DS handheld. According to the patent office, this dual-screen foldable device features a clamshell design which sees the top screen fold outwards onto the bottom screen.

As a result, the handheld would feature a top screen which could face outwards even when the machine device was closed. This would mean the top half would act as a standalone display with a potential touch-screen interface while the bottom screen hides away under the fold.

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The patent also claims that the dual-screen device can detach from each screen and the top display can function independently from the bottom.

Nintendo Foldable Dual-Screen Console

Of course, this patent doesn’t mean we’ll actually get a new Nintendo handheld device which functions like this. Nintendo is known for filing a number of patents which never see the light of day. Usually, the company files these patents to secure design rights for products which it internally tests. It doesn’t mean they make it out of production.

Nintendo Foldable Dual-Screen Console

Nintendo is working on its current Switch successor. While little is known about the upcoming gaming device, the company reportedly showcased some demos at Gamescom this year. The new tech supposedly features a next-gen NVIDIA Tegra GPU, 12GB of RAM and DLSS 3.0 capabilities. The company is expected to announce the hardware in the months ahead with a planned launch for mid-2024.

Nintendo says the Switch successor will allow players to seamlessly move from the current console to the next using their Nintendo Account. However, the company has yet to comment on any backwards compatibility reports or the lack thereof. At the moment, all eyes are on Nintendo to see whether or not the next-gen console will include support for Switch games.

Source: Game Rant / via patent office 

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