Nintendo Emio Teaser Mysterious Creepy

Nintendo Posts Mysterious and Creepy ‘Emio’ Teaser

Nintendo has posted a rather strange and creepy new video on its official YouTube channel and social media simply called ‘Emio.’ The brief trailer gives us a look at a figure wearing a bag over their head and an eerie smiley face painted on it. Speculation has run rampant in the community about what this could mean, from a new horror IP published by Nintendo to the new console, which seems highly unlikely unless the console plans to stalk us when we’re asleep.

The teaser trailer posted gives us nothing to go on, however, users revealed that ‘Emio’ translates to “The Man Who Smiles” or “Smiling Man”, conjuring up the creepy image of the figure wearing the smiling mask. A website is currently live for Emio which is listed with a Mature rating, meaning whatever this teaser is, it’s not hardware-related but rather a tease for a new horror or mystery game.

The community has offered up a bunch of possible explanations and theories for the Emio video – some have jokingly called it a tease for Luigi’s Mansion 4 while others think it might be a revival of a long-dormant Detective Club Nintendo IP. Beyond that, it seems like we might have to wait a while longer to figure out what this could be related to.

Interestingly, the hashtag accompanying the trailer online reads #WhoIsEmio, as if Nintendo wants people to dig deeper into the mystery behind this strange teaser. Could we be looking at a potential next generation Nintendo game or a nice surprise for Halloween this October? Either way, it has ruffled a few feathers online as fans are scrambling to dissect any new information from this cryptic 15-second tease.

In our opinion, this seems like a potential teaser for a new horror or detective game under Nintendo. It’s possible that the company wants to expand its player base to grab the attention of other console players who perhaps have a taste for horror titles. In the worst case scenario, this teaser ends up leading to a dead end like Abandoned.

Check out the Emio teaser below (it’s age-restricted):

Source: Nintendo

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