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Nintendo Says It’s Interested in NFTs and Sees Potential

Nintendo recently published their financial results which revealed the massive milestone of the Nintendo Switch becoming the fastest-selling console in video game history. Following the results, a Q&A was held where Nintendo spoke a bit about the potential of NFTs – and were interested in them – though couldn’t find a reason to implement them yet.

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, when asked about NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) and the Metaverse, Nintendo stated that they were interested in the area and could see its potential, though have yet to define what it means and wondered “what joy it could provide in this area” for consumers.

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Nintendo’s response to NFTs and the Metaverse reads:

“We do have interest in this area, we feel the potential in this area, but we wonder what joy we can provide in this area and this is difficult to define right now.”

From the sounds of it, Nintendo definitely feel like NFTs are an option, but haven’t figured out how to implement it properly so that it serves to the benefit and joy of the consumer.

NFT implementation has been met with a bit of controversy in the gaming industry over the past few months. Recently, Team17 ditched their idea for Worms NFTs due to the swift backlash they received from the community and various development partners. Ubisoft remains firm on their stance that NFTs are viable, and continue to maintain them through their Ubisoft Quartz program.

That said, companies like Square Enix and SEGA have already expressed interest in exploring NFTs, despite the negative reception from their fanbases over the announcements.

Nintendo haven’t entered this space just yet, but it looks like they might if they figure out a more “consumer-friendly” implementation of them. For the time being, it looks like they’re still uncertain about NFTs and the Metaverse.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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