Nintendo might announce the 4K Nintendo Switch console in the next day or so according to a report. Both Eurogamer and Bloomberg claim that the company is ramping up to reveal the hardware before E3 2021 to enable developers to show off their games for the system during the biggest week of gaming. These announcements will revolve around third-party developers. However, Nintendo is also set to host its own special E3 event sometime in the coming two weeks. The company has not announced any specific dates yet.

The 4K Nintendo Switch console has been in the news for quite some time now. As far back as late 2020, we have reported on the hardware and the various reports around the internet. For starters, the pro console is said to boast an OLED display with a faster CPU and other improved features such as battery life and Bluetooth connectivity. However, the big feature here is the ability to output 4K resolutions in games while docked.


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Multiple reports claim that the 4K Nintendo Switch can render 4K resolutions across a range of games while docked so users won’t need to look at HD graphics on their 4K TV anymore. In addition, Nintendo has reportedly started planning a mass patch release for most of its first-party games to update them for the hardware. The same goes for third-party developers who have also started working on 4K enhancement updates for their titles.

The company is expected to release the 4K Nintendo Switch in September or October according to the report. However, the mass shortages surrounding semiconductors might hinder that launch plan. Other reports claim that Nintendo will bypass this issue thanks to the alternate SoC the device uses in both the dock and the console itself.

Nintendo is expected to have a busy E3 with not only the 4K Nintendo Switch being the talk of the show but also a large roster of game reveals. This includes updates to the long-awaited Breath of the Wild 2, and the even-longer-awaited Metroid Prime 4. 

Source: Bloomberg (paywall)

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