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Nintendo Switch 2 Dev Kits Already Sent to Spain – Report

We’re slowly closing in on the end of the Nintendo Switch console’s life cycle and that means we can look forward to a “next-gen” console successor from the company very soon. A new rumour now claims that dev kits for the Switch 2 (believed to be a working title) have already arrived in Spain.

As compiled by a post on Reddit, a Spanish studio, largely rumoured to be the Madrid-based Metroid Dread developer Mercury Steam, already has its hands on a development kit for the successor to the Nintendo Switch. The leak reveals “that a Spanish study already has the kit, in the face of Nintendo’s policy of secrecy, is a boost in their relations and indicates that we are in the last phases prior to the presentation of the console.”

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As for other potential developers based in Spain which could have a Switch 2 development kit, users suggest that Ubisoft’s Barcelona studio is one of the candidates as well as Gris developer Nomada Studio, which recently announced its next game titled Neva at May’s PlayStation Showcase. Other studios based in Spain also include Blasphemous developer The Game Kitchen and an Electronic Arts studio.

Rumours about a potential successor to the Switch first surfaced back in January this year when Nikkei reported that Nintendo had begun negotiations with suppliers for its next-gen hardware. Since then, we’ve only had breadcrumbs to follow including Sharp potentially making LCD displays for Nintendo’s next console. More recently, Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed that players will be able to migrate their accounts to new consoles and retain their digital libraries under one ecosystem.

As of May 2023, Nintendo Switch hardware sales have crossed an impressive milestone of over 125 million units sold worldwide. It’s still a far cry from Nintendo’s most popular product, the Nintendo DS, which sold over 154 million units to date. However, the Switch may still have some life left in it as there are a handful of new games to look forward to on the system, including the highly anticipated 2D platformer Super Mario Bros. Wonder which is scheduled to release on 20 October.

Source: Reddit

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