Nintendo Switch Gets Permanent Price Drop in South Africa

"Could this make way for the OLED model"

Nintendo Switch JoyCon Drift South African Pricing
Nintendo Switch Gets Permanent Price Drop in South Africa

If you’ve been looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch in South Africa then you’ve most likely been chased away by the price tag. The console, which launched back in 2017, was released at the price tag of R5,999. Since then, South Africans watched as the price increased every year to a crazy R8,499. Thankfully, there has now been some relief as Nintendo dropped the Switch price in South Africa back down to R6,999.

South Africans can now purchase the docked Nintendo Switch console for R6,999 at participating retailers. In addition, this price drop is not a sale but indeed a permanent reduction.

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The Nintendo Switch in South Africa now retails for R6,999. This has us wondering what the upcoming OLED model might sell for. Perhaps the price drop to R6,999 is preparing South Africans for the more expensive OLED launch in October. Let us just hope that the new Switch with the OLED doesn’t take the original R8,499 price tag because that might make the console a tough sell for consumers.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model cost only $50 more than the non-OLED console. Reports claim that Nintendo’s profit margin on this new console is larger than ever as the OLED panel and other revised components only cost around $15 more to make. However, with the weak rand and all the extra taxes and import duties involved, it won’t be surprising to see the Nintendo Switch OLED Model launch in South Africa at R8,499.

We are still waiting for Core Gaming to announce the South African pricing and release date for the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the new Nintendo Switch South African pricing then head over to Nexus and grab one for R6,999.

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