Nintendo released a slightly revised version of the Switch last month with an improved battery. It seems the console has a few more hidden hardware improvements other than the battery.

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According to a video by YouTuber Kevin Kenson, the console actually packs an improved display and cooling system.

The revised Nintendo Switch has a better peak brightness that has been boosted from 291 nits to 318. It also has tweaked colour temperatures which is better on your eyes. The old model had a temperature reading of ~7000 and the new model ~6750.

According to another test done, the thermal solution which handles the heat has also been tweaked. According to the video, the console runs cooler both docked and in handheld compared to the older model.

Lastly, something that does not seem to change anything is the Joy-Cons which seem to have been assembled differently. There are no changes to the overall build quality nor do they perform any better but the YouTuber found the parts were placed in a few different positions.

These are minor tweaks and things that we won’t really notice without actually looking for them in the Nintendo Switch. Most of these are standard improvements which other consoles also featured during their revisions.

Sony, for example, released its Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro and 500 Million Limited Edition console with improved cooling and a different power adapter. These tweaks were never anything major at all but were still nice to have.

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What do you think about the minor improvements to the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comment section below.

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