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Nintendo Switch OLED – 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

The Nintendo Switch OLED might just look like an average screen upgrade but there’s a lot more happening on the device than meets the eye. After spending a couple of days with it, I discovered a handful of details that Nintendo didn’t really focus on and you probably had no idea existed.

Be it the revised hardware shell or the console’s slightly tweaked speaker system. Here are 5 things the Switch OLED does that you might miss.

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The Console Design Has Been Slightly tweaked

The Nintendo Switch OLED might look identical to the standard console but it boasts a few tweaks here and there that make the device feel completely different in your hands. The console boasts a new volume rocker that is easier to get to while also being a lot clickier than the previous console. I also found the power and standby button to be a lot easier to turn on and off thanks to its new oval design.

Nintendo Switch OLED

There’s also a new kickstand on the console that makes for a dream when propping up the device on a stand. The last kickstand was a pain to use. It was only a few cm thick and placed on the left-hand side of the device. This meant the display would often tip over if slightly bumped while standing up on a table. The new stand is wide. It takes up the entire bottom of the console and opens and closes with ease. Given its thickness, it also secures the console on the table to prevent it from falling over. There are also new rubber feet at the bottom to help grip the device onto the table.

The Dock is Actually Pretty Cool

The new Nintendo Switch OLED comes with a redesigned dock that boasts a number of changes. The design has slightly been tweaked to feature a new rounded corner look but the smaller details make a big difference. For example, the dock now has a glossy interior coating that is softer than the rough matte plastic found on the old console. This means sliding the device in and out of the dock is a lot safer than before. The glossy coating helps prevents scratching on the screen while you slide it into the dock while also reducing the friction to the body at the same time.

Nintendo Switch OLED Dock

The dock now also includes a much needed LAN port. Up to now, users who wanted to use a LAN cable to speed up online connectivity and downloads had to purchase a USB to LAN adapter from Nintendo. This port is now part of the dock.

Nintendo Switch OLED

The Screen is Now Glass

One thing many users have asked about is the Switch OLED screen. Yes, the screen is now glass and it is one of the best new additions on the console. Sure, it means you have to be a bit more careful and not drop the console but the glass screen allows the OLED panel to shine its magic on the device. Unlike the plastic display on the old console, the Switch OLED’s glass panel allows for greater clarity on the screen.

Nintendo Switch OLED Glass Screen

The glass screen not only refracts light better than plastic meaning the image from the panel isn’t distorted but the perfect clarity also means the OLED brightness and vivid colour can be delivered the way the panel is intended.

It also has a Screen Protector Installed

Given the new Switch OLED has a glass screen, Nintendo also wants to make sure the display lasts as long as possible. In addition, the company doesn’t want the glass to hurt anyone if they drop the console and the screen breaks. To help with this, Nintendo has included a screen protector on the device itself. Out of the box, you probably won’t even notice this thin plastic film on the display. That is because Nintendo has pre-installed this protector at its factories with machine precision. The film takes up the entire glass screen and is meant to remain on.

Nintendo Switch OLED Glass Screen Protector

Nintendo says that the film is there to help prevent scratches and acts as an anti-shatter plastic. If you drop your switch and the screen breaks, it won’t shatter and hurt you. In addition, you can rest easy knowing that the gorgeous glass display won’t get scratched if you are a little careless with the device. It also saves you some cash. You don’t have to go out and buy your own protector and try and install it yourself. Instead, you get a perfectly fitted protector out of the box.

Nintendo also says you should not remove the film on the display. They have installed it for your own benefit. However, they also state that installing your own on top of the pre-installed anti-scatter film is okay too. The company actually sells a specific screen protector for the Switch OLED.

The Speakers Are Louder

The new Nintendo Switch OLED has a whole new speaker system on the console. The Switch OLED speakers are not only louder but the new closed-type speaker system increases the sound quality too. Nintendo says they completely redesigned the speakers on the Switch OLED to fit them into the console and specifically improve the sound quality for users who play the console on a tabletop.

Nintendo Switch OLED Glass Screen

The Switch OLED uses a new closed-type speaker system that doesn’t let sound escape from the back end of the speaker. The Switch Lite and original console both have open-type speakers which means the sound disperses and loses quality as it comes out. Nintendo says closed-type speakers are used on smartphones and are great for devices with limited space. Not only do they produce louder and clearer sounds but they also don’t chew up more battery life.

The Accessories Have New Details

Outside of the Switch OLED console itself, Nintendo has added a few awesome details to the accessories too. Firstly, the Joy-Con grip controller now has an engraved Switch logo on it. This is a change compared to the printed logo on the original console. Nintendo has also added new white dots onto the Joy-Con strap.

Nintendo Switch OLED Glass Screen

Lastly, Nintendo has included a different HDMI cable in the Switch OLED console. According to the company, the new HDMI cable is a lot more flexible than the previous cable. This means it can bend more than before and helps with versatility when it comes to the dock.

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