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Nintendo Switch Pro Reports are Back With Rumoured Announcement Soon

It has almost been a year since Nintendo released its Switch OLED console to the public. The console is seen as a more premium version of the Switch with a fantastic display (among other improvements) and lives alongside the normal Switch and Switch Lite. However, after Nintendo themselves shot down the possibility of an enhanced 4K Switch console being announced, sources on the internet claim that the company is actually gearing up to announce it very soon.

All these sources have also come out of the woodwork at the same time which is also a good sign that these reports might be true. The first is from business analyst Dr Serkan Toto. He is quite reliable and known for his insider information on new tech releases. He doesn’t make up rumours for the sake of things is what I am saying. Toto claims that Nintendo is almost ready for its announcement which is set to take place before the end of “summer 2022”. This is around the end of August.

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Soon after Dr Serkan Toto tweeted saying “Summer 2020, Pro time indeed” he deleted the tweet. Someone clearly got hold of him and asked for that to happen. However, the second source makes this whole “Nintendo Switch pro” rumour even more exciting.

Twitter user Shokikio claims that Nintendo has recently spent over 66 million yen on raw materials over the past few months. This is twice the amount of money they spent on the Nintendo Switch Lite before it was officially put into production and announced. Nintendo also recently trademarked “NSW”. Lastly, and this is the most surprising news, on 2 July Nintendo removed all of its Switch OLED trailers from its YouTube channel.

The company removed its announcement trailer, hardware showcase and all references to the hardware being “new”. Users claim that Nintendo did the same thing back in 2021 before the OLED Switch reveal. The company removed all of its Switch Lite trailers from YouTube two days before it announced the OLED console.

It is very strange for both of these reports to arrive at the same time. The removal of the YouTube videos is also a questionable move on Nintendo’s part. This is not the first time we have reported on a Nintendo Switch Pro console in the works. Last year, almost everyone believed it was going to be announced. Every insider and everyone close to Nintendo was made aware of a 4K enhanced Switch device. Developers even claimed to have dev kits for it. However, Nintendo openly admitted it wasn’t real and announced the OLED console instead.

We will have to wait and see whether or not this Nintendo Switch Pro is real or not. At the moment, take it all with a pinch of salt.

Source: ResetEra / Twitter

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