Nintendo Switch Sales Reaches Over 32 Million, Rumours Of A New Console Coming
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Another massive milestone for Nintendo Switch sales. The company has announced that the console has sold over 32 million units to date.

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Releasing its data on sales, Nintendo revealed what a successful run the console has had, by selling 32.27 million hardware units and 163.61miilion software units to date. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is super popular on the Nintendo Switch, selling 12 million copies to date.

But it’s not the most popular console yet, if you’re looking at the Nintendo Switch sales figures compared to other consoles sold by the Japanese gaming company. The Nintendo 3DS has sold close to 75 million hardware copies, and a staggering 376 million software copies. The Nintendo DS (which was first released onto the gaming market in 2010) has by far been the best selling gaming console for Nintendo based on these sales figures, having sold over 154 million hardware units up to date. It has sold close to 950 million software units. The Nintendo Wii, one of the more commercially successful consoles from Nintendo in recent years, has sold nearly 102 million hardware units, and 920 million software units have been sold. The Nintendo Game Boy, which has been around for ages, has sold close to 119 million hardware units and just over 500 million software units.

These new Nintendo Switch sales figures come in as rumours are swirling surrounding a possible smaller and cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch. Apparently, Nintendo has been working with a few supplies and gaming developing companies to release the new console as early as 2019.

Based on the current Nintendo Switch sales figures, it doesn’t look like the gaming console is going to be losing popularity any time soon. So, the time might be ripe for Nintendo to monetise on this success with a newer, cheaper version of the console.

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