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Nintendo Switch Won’t Get a Price Increase Either

Nintendo has confirmed that it has no plans to increase the price of the Nintendo Switch following the recent news of Sony increasing the price of the PS5. In the wake of the news, Microsoft was the first to state that it there wouldn’t be a price hike for the Xbox Series X/S. Nintendo has now joined in on that same response.

In a statement issued to Eurogamer today, Nintendo confirmed that it had “no plans” to give the Nintendo Switch a price bump like the PS5. The company couldn’t comment on current pricing strategies, but did assure consumers that the Nintendo Switch’s price wouldn’t be impacted by high inflation rates.

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The full response provided to Eurogamer reads:

“As our president Mr Furukawa stated at the 82nd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in June:

‘While we cannot comment on pricing strategies, we currently do not have any plans to change the price of our hardware due to inflation or increased procurement costs in each country. We will determine our future pricing strategies through careful and continued deliberations.

While the final price to consumers is always determined by retailers, as Mr Furukawa stated, Nintendo has no plans to increase the trade price of its hardware.”

Nintendo is making efforts to literally shrink the packaging of Switch consoles in order to ship more units out as demand increases. Microsoft, on the other hand, stated that the price of its current hardware, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, will stay the same.

The PS5’s price will increase (effective immediately) in various regions around the world including Europe, Australia and parts of Asia and North America. South Africa is among those territories affected by the increase, so expect PS5 consoles to cost a bit more now. You can read the full report on exactly how much the prices will increase here.

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Source: Eurogamer

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