Nioh 2 Release Date Revealed – Open Beta Kicks Off This Weekend
Nioh 2 will launch in early 2020 but you can play it this weekend!

Sony has announced the Nioh 2 release date and open beta dates. PS4 owners will be able to get their hands on the latest hardcore RPG sooner than they expected as the Nioh 2 open beta kicks off this weekend. You will be able to test out the game starting on 1 November 2019 and it will run all the way to 10 November 2019.

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The Nioh 2 open beta will feature new gameplay elements like the character customization feature, the new weapon the Switchglaive and much more.

The Nioh 2 open beta will see you enter a place called the Intermin. This acts as a safe zone where you will be able to choose your weapons, test out the combat and transition to missions when you are ready. The design inspiration for the area is based on the Tibetan Buddhist concept of the state between life and death. Similar to the River Styx from Greek Mythology.

The beta will take players across a stage called Sunomata and The Village of Cursed Cherry Blossoms). All players that manage to complete the available content in the beta will earn “The Mark of the Demon Slayer” reward which allows you to unlock the Kamaitachi Helmet from the in-game shrine when the full game releases next year.

Aside from the beta, Sony also revealed the Nioh 2 release date. The game will be landing on PS4 on 13 March 2020. Pre-orders for the game are live today with early adopters being rewarded with valuable bonus items to use when the game releases.

Don’t forget, the original Nioh is also part of the November PlayStation Plus lineup alongside Outlast 2. Find out more about the upcoming game lineup here and when you will be able to download the titles.

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