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Nioh 2 Suffering From Major Performance Issues On PC

Steam users have resorted to review bombing Nioh 2 due to the game’s shoddy performance on PC. Currently, the game is sitting on 4,000 reviews which close to 1300 of them being negative and the rest mixed and positive. Most of the negative reception stem from the game’s poor PC performance, while others are complaining about controller prompts in-game.


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Users are complaining that while Nioh 2 looks great on PC, it is often unplayable due to the poor optimization. One user says that even with an i9 9900k, a GTX 1080ti and 16GB of RAM, they are still suffering from performance drops even while running the game at 1080p. Steam users claim that Nioh 2’s biggest performance drops arrive when a player uses a Yokai Ability – something that is unavoidable.

Another user says that even with an RTX 2070, they still suffer from drops to 14-20fps at 1440p.

Basically, Nioh 2 is a good game, but at the moment I just can’t recommend it. I played it for a long time on PS4 and it went really well. The PC version is just cheeky. Absolutely carelessly implemented … Especially a game like Nioh shouldn’t have any FPS drops. I have an i9 9900k, a 1080ti, 16 GB Ram and the whole thing on an SSD and still I have drops @1080p – Should updates come which improve the performance, I will update the review.

The quality of the port that they likely going to sale for 1m copies is really really low. Hell, even DS1 port given their shoestring budget was not so bad. I could forgive the Nioh1, but you have a sequel, a working port of a previous game, years of development time, plus a year of preparation for the PC release and here we go. There are performance, stability and framerate issues. Good luck running effects on anything than a low setting, you will experience constant stutter and dips.

The issue is strictly related to the poor PC port of Nioh 2. We recently reviewed the PS5 version and it was flawless when it came to its performance. We spent most of the weekend playing the game and we never suffered from any jitters or drops in frames. Hopefully, Team Ninja acknowledges the game’s performance bugs on PC and fixes the port soon. A pity for such a great game.

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