Nioh 2 Will Get Three Post-Game DLC Packs – Promises Hours of Additional Gameplay

Team Ninja has revealed its plans for the upcoming Nioh 2 including a brand new story trailer as well as post-launch DLC plans for the action RPG.  The DLC promises to add additional hours to the single-player campaign including new levels, enemies and items similar to how the first game’s DLC worked. The game is releasing on 13 March 2020 so expect more from it as we edge closer to the release date.

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Nioh 2 is set during the Warring States period in Japan. It is a prequel to the original game and sees a rogue mercenary set off on a journey to hunt down yokai. These demon spirits have overrun the war-torn island and the hero needs to use all his arsenal and abilities in order to fight through the demons.

The story trailer which you can watch down below gives us a glimpse of the game’s hero in action and how he fell from grace by losing control over his abilities. The hero, however, regains his yokai abilities thanks to a merchant and his “Spirit Stones” and sets off to find more of these magical stones that hold mystical creatures inside them.

Team Ninja revealed that Nioh 2 will have a post-launch roadmap and season pass. The pass will include three major DLC releases that will focus on a different storyline that takes place before the events of Nioh 2. The Nioh 2 DLC will also include new combat abilities, weapons, enemies and be incorporated into the main missions. So in short, the game is a prequel to the original Nioh and Nioh 2’s DLC is a prequel to the second game. Confusing but we will have to see how it all plays out.

Nioh 2 is releasing only on PS4 on 13 March 2020.

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