Game in Peace During The SA Lockdown – No Loadshedding Announced

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Game in Peace During The SA Lockdown – No Loadshedding Announced

In a sigh of relief, Eskom has announced that South Africans will experience no loadshedding during the SA lockdown. The power utility revealed that they plan on keeping the lights on for the entire duration of the upcoming three-week shutdown of the country. In a press release, Eskom stated the company does not expect the implement the process during the COVID-19 national lockdown “but” the possibility still remains.

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Eskom explained that as an essential and critical service supplier, some of the company’s personnel are exempt from the provisions of the lockdown. As such, the company does not expect to have any hiccups during the lockdown due to the fact that coal mines, logistics suppliers and those supplying parts and maintenance services as the power stations will still be able to operate.

The good news also comes in light of the fact that large businesses and factories will also be forced to shut down during the SA lockdown. Car manufacturers, for example, will cease production. These businesses use a load of electricity in comparison to a household. In general, the lockdown will ease the power grid substantially for the three-week period which in turn means no loadshedding… for now.

This is a great sigh of relief for gamers especially, meaning you can rest easy knowing your gaming sessions will not be cut short due to a scheduled blackout. As Eskom states, there is still a possibility that it may need to implement loadhsedding. Let’s hope those darn jellyfish don’t arrive to block the vents again.

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