No Mass Effect or Dragon Age 4 At EA Play Live This Month

"Maybe next year"

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No Mass Effect or Dragon Age 4 At EA Play Live This Month

EA Games is set to host its EA Play Live event later this month on 22 July but if you’re hoping for an event filled with new BioWare announcements then don’t get your hopes up. BioWare has announced that the EA Play Live won’t include any Mass Effect or Dragon Age 4 content at all. In fact, EA Play Live won’t include any BioWare news at all.

While this is sad news it should not come as a surprise. Both Mass Effect and the next instalment in the Dragon Age 4 series are in the early stages of development. Dragon Age 4 is a bit ahead of Mass Effect. However, that does not mean BioWare are ready to showcase anything regarding the two projects.

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Personally, I don’t mind this news. While I am excited for Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect, the previous reveals weren’t anything to get excited over. With no gameplay or in-engine content to showcase, BioWare simply shared their usual “concept art while devs talk” reveal. Sharing another one of these updates would not be the best idea right now. It would mark the third year of the same content.

BioWare did say that while there’s no Dragon Age 4 or Mass Effect news, they do have Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic content to share soon.

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