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Nolan North Says Naughty Dog Scrapped Amy Hennig’s Uncharted 4 Work

Veteran game director Amy Hennig recently announced that she was working with Skydance on another Star Wars game, but the exact details of her departure from Naughty Dog still remains a bit of a mystery. Recently, Uncharted actor Nolan North provided some insight into what happened during her work on the early stages of Uncharted 4, as well as how Naughty Dog scrapped most of her work.

Speaking on the YouTube channel CouchSoup, North explained that Hennig was originally several months into the development of Uncharted 4 before plans were changed. When she left the studio in the game’s early development, all of the work Hennig had done was apparently scrapped by Naughty Dog.

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North’s full statement on the matter reads:

“The biggest thing most people probably remember is… we had shot Uncharted 4 with Amy Hennig for about seven months, we were well into the game, and she was dismissed from Naughty Dog and they got rid of everything we did.”

Naughty Dog then recast most of the original actors involved in Hennig’s vision, adding:

“The original cast had Graham McTavish… Cutter [McTavish’s character] had a huge role in Amy’s 4. Todd Stashwick played Sam and Alan Tudyk was Rafe, but but they ended up switching it all out.”

Eventually, Troy Baker would join the cast to play Nathan Drake’s brother Sam, while Laura Bailey also joined the team to voice Nadine.

Despite the odd circumstances of her departure from Naughty Dog, Hennig was still credited for her work on Uncharted 4 in the end. She has since founded her own company, and has been working on the PS5 console exclusive Forspoken as well as the newly announced Star Wars project. This marks her second time attempting to work on a Star Wars game as she was previously attached to the Star Wars “Ragtag” project at EA’s Visceral Studios before its infamous cancellation.

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