Norman Reedus Leaks Death Stranding 2 and Kojima Responds

"You had one job, Norman"

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Norman Reedus Leaks Death Stranding 2 and Kojima Responds

Last Friday, actor Norman Reedus accidentally leaked Death Stranding 2 officially beginning development during an interview with Leo Edit. Game director Hideo Kojima has now responded to Reedus’ slip-up with a series of hilarious photos, telling the star to go to his “private room”, referencing the game’s safe rooms.

In an interview with Leo Edit last week, Death Stranding actor Norman Reedus seemingly confirmed that development on the sequel had just begun. Many saw this as a rather odd way to leak Death Stranding 2 given the game’s notoriously cryptic marketing in the past, though Kojima had some tough but friendly words for Reedus.

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Kojima posted a series of photos on his official Twitter account showing Reedus kneeling while Kojima holds a barb-wired baseball bat to his head (a reference to Negan’s introduction in The Walking Dead television show). The caption accompanying the tweet reads, “go to your private room, my friend.”

Due to the close proximity of these photos being posted just a day after Reedus leaked Death Stranding 2, many fans saw it as a response to that leak. Naturally, Kojima Productions would be kind of upset if its anticipated project got spilled so casually.

Nonetheless, this is basically a confirmation that Death Stranding 2 is indeed in development. Kojima Productions has been rather quiet about what it’s been working on, though we now know that they’re pushing forward in the early stages of Death Stranding 2‘s development.

This also begs the question what the Japanese studio been working on since 2019. The original Death Stranding game released in late 2019, though it seems odd that at least three years had passed since they just began development on the sequel now. Some speculate that Kojima Productions had been working on another secret project that they’ll unveil soon, though we’ll only know for sure at a later stage.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is now available for PS5 and PC.

Source: Hideo Kojima

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