November 2020 Xbox Console Update Brings New Dynamic Wallpapers and Auto HDR Changes
November 2020 Xbox Console Update Series X S
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Microsoft has released a brand-new update to the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One console family. The November 2020 Xbox console update brings with it some new dynamic wallpapers (Series console only) and some quality of life changes to the games library which makes it easier for users to see which games are enhanced for the new consoles.


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First off there’s the new Xbox Series X and S dynamic backgrounds. At the launch of the consoles, Microsoft had one dynamic wallpaper users could select on the hardware. However, the wallpaper colour would change depending on their “My Colour” preference in the settings. The November 2020 Xbox console update arrives with six new options including some that pay homage to the previous Xbox consoles. Spoiler, there is an awesome new “ringed” Xbox 360 styled wallpaper.

Next, we have the Autio HDR feature. The Xbox Series X and S consoles include the ability to automatically enhance non-HDR games with HDR. However, up to now, users did not know when the feature was actually active. Microsoft has added an “Auto HDR” tag to the system menu when playing a supported game so users can see when it is turned on.

November 2020 Xbox Console Update Series X S

The November 2020 Xbox console update also brings the new “Optimised for Series X/S” badge to the game library so users quickly see which games are taking advantage of the new console hardware. This also helps them know which games they need to leave on the SSD and which can be moved to an external HDD.

There are a few other smaller additions in the new November 2020 Xbox console update. This includes the ability to check your achievement status in the Game Activity tab and add family member accounts to the console during the initial setup phase. Lastly, users can now pre-install supported games that are “coming soon” to Xbox Game Pass. This should help reduce the waiting times for new releases.

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