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NVIDIA DLDSR Makes Old Games Look Better With AI and Little Performance Cost

NVIDIA has just released a new game-ready driver that includes a new tool that could help improve the visual quality of games by using its new Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution, also known as NVIDIA DLDSR. The company says the tech is used to make “most games” look sharper by improving the resolution. So much so that games will now run at a higher resolution than you monitor.

DLDSR is part of NVIDIA’s Dynamic Super Resolution tech but acts as an improvement to DSR. The older DSR also renders games at a higher resolution than you monitor and then downscales it to your monitor’s resolution. This super-sampled image then features improved sharpness. However, DRS was performance-heavy as it relied on the GPU doing the work. This was great in instances where you had extra GPU power to use but that wasn’t always the case.

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DLDSR, on the other hand, relies on AI to enhance the image so the power drawn from your GPU is kept to a minimum. NVIDIA DLDSR can upscale at almost double the rate to DSR while using the same GPU performance. For example, NVIDIA ran the 2017 release Prey on a 1080p monitor. At 4x DSR, the game ran at 108FPS. With DLDSR at 2,25x, the game ran at 143FPS.


NVIDIA says that running the game natively without DLDSR enabled saw a result of 145FPS. So the game’s resolution was boosted by 2.25x while only sacrificing 2 frames. These tests were run by NVIDIA so you’ll need to put this AI tech to work and see how it performs on your system.

How to Enable NVIDIA DLDSR

You can test this tech out for yourself. Simply update your system to the latest game-ready drives. This is done by visiting the NVIDIA site or using the GeForce experience app. Once updated, open the NVIDIA Control Panel app, go to Manage 3D Settings, DSR and choose one of the two scaling options available.

Find out more about NVIDIA DLDSR on the official site here.

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