NVIDIA Shield is Getting Android 11 And Other Features

"Even the 2015 model is getting the update"

NVIDIA Shield Android 11
NVIDIA Shield is Getting Android 11 And Other Features

Usually, when you read about a piece of tech getting an update, you have to own a reasonably new model to be included in the new roll-out (looks at all TV brands in disgust). However, NVIDIA is being the good guys and adding support for Android 11 to all its NVIDIA Shield devices. Yes, including the 2015 model all the way up to the 2019 one.

NVIDIA announced that its Shield hardware will receive the new Android 11 update along with some new features that are included in the Shield Software Experience Upgrade 9.0. This new software includes an updated Gboard – the Google Keyboard that lets users control their device with their voices throughout the experience. This includes typing and even using Google Assistant to discover content while searching.

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NVIDIA Shield is also adding support for aptX-compatible Bluetooth headsets giving customers more options for higher quality listening. The new Google Play Movies and TV app is included in the update. This new version adds Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos.

NVIDIA Shield is also getting 4K HDR support across the board (on supported models). This includes Apple TV and IMDb TV as well as 4K HDR gaming through GeForce NOW. Of course, you’ll need a GeForce NOW RTX 3080 membership to take advantage of the gaming features.

Users can also make use of the Movies Anywhere app to collect TV shows and movies from a selection of apps such as Amazon, Apple TV, VUDU and more into one hub.

Outside of the dedicated NVIDIA Shield updates, Android 11 should also bring some much-needed changes and bug fixes to the experience. The fact that even the 2015 NVIDIA Shield is supported in the update is already a win.

You can read all about the NVIDIA Shield Android 11 update here.

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