NVIDIA Unpacks The RTX 3090 Ti, Budget RTX 3050, Notebooks and Monitors

At CES 2022 NVIDIA announced its much-rumoured RTX 3090 Ti GPU and as you expect, it is powerful and extremely expensive. The company has packed the new GPU with the most powerful Ampere technology. NVIDIA has also announced a new entry-tier RTX 3050 GPU so more users can now get hardware without it making a massive dent in their bank accounts.

The NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti is described as the company’s “next BFGPU” and includes 24GB of G6X memory capable of up to 21Gbps of bandwidth. NVIDIA says the RTX 3090 Ti is the fastest ever to come out of the company to date. It is capable of pumping out an impressive 40 Shader-Teraflops, 78 RT-Teraflops and 320 Tensor-Teraflops.

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NVIDIA has yet to announce any sort of release date or pricing for the RTX 3090 Ti. However, the company says more details will be announced later this month. You can probably expect the card to retail somewhere in the $1500 price range.

If you’re not willing to mortgage your house to buy a GPU then perhaps the NVIDIA RTX 3050 is an option? This new entry-tier hardware is priced at $249 and is available from 27 January. NVIDIA says the RTX 3050 is seen as an upgrade to the GTX 1050 and boasts 2nd-generation RT cores and 3rd-generation tensor cores. It also uses NVIDIA’s Ampere technology.


Users can expect the RTX 3050 to run games like Doom Eternal, Guardians of the Galaxy and other triple-A titles at 60FPS or higher with DLSS on. Even with raytracing enabled, the RTX 3050 is a small but beastly GPU. It is capable of 9 Shader Teraflops and 18 RT-Teraflops. It comes packed with 8GB of G6 memory.

Outside of the dedicated GPUs, NVIDIA has also announced that new RTX-powered laptops are currently in production. The company has now ported over the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti into notebooks. These new notebooks are capable of 100FPS games on 1440p settings through these new GPUs. Users can expect the new notebooks to land in February. You’ll pay anything between $1499 for the RTX 3070 Ti and $2499 for the RTX 3080 Ti models. Local pricing and availability to be confirmed.


Last but not least, NVIDIA also announced a new category of gaming monitors they are calling “dual-format” monitors. These new monitors are designed for esports and come in 27-inches at 1440p. They boast up to a 360Hz refresh rate depending on the mode the user is on. When users wants to prioritise the frame rate to max it out, they can enable a different format the switches the monitor to 1080p and blacks out the edges of the display making it a 25-inch monitor. They can then turn it back to 27-inches whenever they want.

NVIDIA says a range of PC companies are currently working on these dual-format displays. This includes AOC, ASUS, MSI, Viewsonic and more.

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Source: NVIDIA

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