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Obsidian Explains Why Avowed Doesn’t Have Romance Options

Avowed, the upcoming RPG from The Outer Worlds and Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment, will not feature any romance options for players. This might come as a bit of sad news especially after the love-making extravaganza of Baldur’s Gate 3, though the developer has a reasonable explanation for why that feature was excluded from the game.

Speaking to IGN in a recent interview, Avowed game director Carrie Patel talked about the game’s lack of romanceable companions and NPCs. Essentially, making romance options in an RPG of this scale is incredibly tough, taking into account how it may impact the story and the work that will have go into giving companions distinguishable “friendship” statuses for those that players reject. It’s a tall order and one that Obsidian felt wasn’t necessary for Avowed – at least for now.

Patel explained in the interview:

“We are building thoughtful relationships with our companion characters. Ultimately, I personally am a fan of making that an option, but I feel like if you’re going to do it, you really, really have to commit and make sure that you’re giving all to fulfilling that in a way that feels both true to the character, but also creates an engaging player experience. So not something we’re doing for Avowed, but I wouldn’t say never.”

Avowed was given an in-depth look during January’s Xbox Developer Direct conference which explored the game’s flexible magic and melee combat, branching choices and NPC interactions. The game is currently scheduled to launch in fall 2024 for Xbox Series X/S and PC, as well as a day one launch on Xbox Game Pass. Obsidian Entertainment is also working on a sequel to The Outer Worlds which is much further out from release at the moment.

Back in 2022, Obsidian director Josh Sawyer said he’d be open to a Fallout: New Vegas sequel if given the chance by Bethesda.

Source: IGN

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