Of Course Someone Beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Only Using Bongo Drums

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
Of Course Someone Beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Only Using Bongo Drums

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a hard game that has kicked up quite a debate on accessibility in video games as some media believe that it needs an easy mode. Well, it seems that maybe it does not because if someone can finish it using only Donkey Kong Bongo Drums, then you can finish it using a controller.

ATwekinYoshi is known for his crazy use of controllers in his gaming speed runs and he uploaded a video of him using two sets of Donkey Kong Bongos to perform the actions in the game. His playthrough did not even last that long as it only took him 10 hours with 131 resurrections. He died 31 times at the final boss alone.

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ATWerkinYoshi revealed that the DK Bongo setup consisted of one bongo pair acting as his directional inputs and the other pair for attacking dodging and parrying. With the lack of another pair, he had to remove the option to rotate the camera so yes, the entire playthrough was done without any camera controls.

It is not the first game he has completed using the setup. He has played Dark Souls 3 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate using the drums so he is quite accustomed to the style already. According to him, he wanted to show that Sekiro was just a “really hard rhythm game” and I think he proved his point.

It just goes to show that putting enough time and effort anything makes the world of difference. You can watch his playthrough below and check out our full review of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice here.

Watch !DK Bongos Challenge Run – Episode. 6: The FINAL BOSS from ATwerkinYoshi on www.twitch.tv

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