Official PS5 Console Box and Dimensions Revealed
"The PS5 is a beast."

It has been a crazy past few houres for Sony. After the showcase last night, then the local release date and this morning the local pricing announcement, all we have seen is PS5 news. We know the PS5 is a huge console. However, up to now we have kind of guessed just how big it would be in terms of height and width. Sony shared the official dimensions of the PlayStation 5 along with the retail box. Spoiler alert, the console is the biggest gaming console in modern history.


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So how big is the PS5? Well, the console is 390mm tall by 260mm deep and 104mm thick. So take a ruler and add 9cm onto that and you’ll have the PS5’s height. It also weighs 4.5Kgs with the disc drive and 3.9Kgs without it. To put it into perspective the original phat PS3 console sat at 325mm x 274mm x 98mm. While the PlayStation 5 may be a bit thinner than the phat PS3, it is still a huge device. When compared to the Xbox Series X, it is also taller and thinner.

Sony also shared the official PS5 retail box for both the Digital Edition and standard edition of the console. Check them out down below. The black PS5 box is actually pretty cool.

PS5 Box Dimensions

There’s also been a bunch of news in the past 24 hours including the official price tag for the PlayStation 5 along with a load of new games announced during the showcase event. You can catch up on all our coverage down below.

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