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Official PS5 Faceplates Detailed in New Sony Patent

We know it is only a matter of time before Sony announces its own range of custom PS5 faceplates. The console has been designed to remove and attach the giant white plastic shells on each side. Multiple brands already sell these PS5 faceplates. Dbrand being one of them. However, Sony is getting ready to manufacture its own and a new patent reveals how these custom faceplates will work.

Keep in mind that this patent isn’t anything majorly new. In fact, Sony originally filed this patent back in November last year. According to the patent, it has just recently been granted to the company. Spotted online by OPAttack, the patent describes the product as a “Cover for Electronic Device” and details the PS5 faceplate design and inner clips.

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Sony is trying to be secretive about the PS5 faceplate patent by referring to it as something completely different. The patent described the plastic shell as an “ornamental design for a cover for an electronic device” and doesn’t mention PS5 or gaming console anywhere.

If you have seen a PS5 faceplate on its own, these diagrams will look familiar. The plastic shell includes a smoother outer finish with inner clips that slide into the PS5 console. The patent includes both faceplates for the PS5 disc edition and digital edition again hinting at Sony kicking off mass production soon.

PS5 Faceplates

Sony making custom faceplates isn’t anything majorly new. The company designed the original PS4 with the goal to release custom shells for the console. Users could unclip and remove the plastic shell where the hard drive bay was situated and replace it with a separate piece of plastic. Soon after launch, Sony released multiple first-party shells including a blue, orange and red shade.

Sure, users can just order an extreme custom PS5 faceplate from Dbrand but many users, including me, would prefer to purchase something from Sony itself. We just don’t know yet how creative the company is going to go with these designs. The faceplates are huge so we can only hope they use the space to its full potential.

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Source: Patent office 

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