Ogre Magi Windranger Arcana vote TI9

Ogre Magi Beats Down Windranger to Win The Arcana Vote at TI9

“They picked me! No one ever picks me.” Well, I guess one of the heads were right. Ogre Magi, as the title suggests, won the Arcana vote against Windranger, just as many though would happen. Ogre Magi beat Windranger and the way Valve announced this historic moment at TI9 was pretty awesome as well.

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The votes for the two heroes both went up to 23,505,924 and then, a short silence before he decided to throw a multicast and the votes poured in. The final Arcana vote score was Ogre Magi with 30,210,077 versus Windranger with 23,505,924, as Windranger dropped to the ground.

Interestingly enough, the hero also happens to be a very popular support in the meta right now and he has been picked many times by professional teams at TI9 so far. Personally, I am very happy that Ogre Magi won over Windranger. Dota 2 personality SirActionSlacks even said that if Windranger wins the Arcana vote, he would stop playing the game for a year. Thankfully, Slacks can continue to play Techies now…

Unfortunately, Ogre didn’t multicast again for multiple Arcanas this year. At the time of writing, there is no indication when the Ogre Magi Arcana will release, but knowing Valve, it probably won’t be very soon. It will be very interesting to see what Valve comes up with for the Ogre Magi Arcana, I’m personally hoping for more than two heads, but less than four heads.

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Are you happy with the results or were you a Windranger supporter? Let us know in the comment section below and check out the Arcana Vote winner announcement below, including the reaction from SirActionSlacks.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRPWXi9t6PM” width=”600″]

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