Just Die Already

Old People Cause Mayhem on the World in “Just Die Already”

Just Die Already is described as an “old people mayhem sandbox” that follows the elderly who have escaped from the retirement village and start to cause chaos in the town. In Just Die Already, players control the elderly as they run around, drive vehicles into civilians, perform tricks and make a mess. It definitely sounds crazy.

According to developer Curve Digital, Just Die Already lets player really go all out by using all sorts of items and objects scattered around the world. On paper, it kinda sounds like Goat Simulator but with the elderly causing the problems instead of a goat. Curve Digital says the game includes dozens of creative things that lets the elderly live out their craziest days.


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Be it being strapped to a rocket, electrocuted by a tramline or steamrolled by traffic. The sandbox game is all about the freedom to experiment with all the different gameplay elements available in Just Die Already.

But Just Die Already is more than just a sandbox. The game actually follows a possibly realistic storyline. According to the official trailer, old people haven’t got any savings and the population growth has stopped. The old people have been kicked out of their retirement homes and need to pay their way back in by performing tricks and challenges.

Just Die Already takes place in the near future at a time where population growth has stalled to zero, presumably because having to wear a mask at all times somewhat hinders any amorous encounters. As a result, nobody is being born, nobody is paying into the pension pot, and nobody is covering your living costs. To make things worse, you’ve just been kicked out of your retirement home, and your only option now is to perform dangerous challenges to qualify for free care.

Players can either take on Just Die Already alone or compete in explosive, limb removing four-player online multiplayer.

Curve Digital says that Just Die Already is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game also includes 4-player co-op so you and your friends can play together and make mad memories. There’s also a free PvP update coming to the game in June. Check out the trailer down below:

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