Older GeForce Drivers Have Five Security Vulnerabilities

Older GeForce Drivers Have Five Security Vulnerabilities

It is always good for PC gamers with GeForce graphics cards to update to the latest GeForce drivers when they have a chance as most of the time, the new drivers contain optimizations for newly released games. If you are still running older GeForce drivers (more than two weeks) then you will want to update as soon as possible to version v431.68 and not just for the performance boost to Wolfenstein: Youngblood that came with v431.60.

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First up, there’s a mouse cursor issue with v431.60 so that’s why I recommend updating to the hotfix GeForce driver v431.68. However, the real reason to update is so you can dodge five security vulnerabilities. NVIDIA released a security bulletin recently, revealing that security flaws in older drivers have been found, which could lead to denial of service attacks, code execution, or escalation of privileges issues.

This probably won’t happen to you, unless you LAN with some unsavoury characters. To exploit these security vulnerabilities, you need to have local access to the PC. If someone does manage to get that access, some of the security flaws are quite serious, with the most severe one scoring an 8.8/10.

It is probably better to be safe than sorry on this one and although you shouldn’t start panicking, if you haven’t updated your GeForce drivers in a very long time, now would be a good time to do so.

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Which GeForce drivers are you using and how often do you update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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