OLED iPhones

OLED iPhones Expected To Be The Standard By 2020

In a new report about disappointing iPhone XR sales, it has been revealed that OLED iPhones will become the standard for Apple by 2020.

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This revelation that Apple is dropping LCD screens, comes after it was reported that Apple’s “budget” iPhone, the iPhone XR, didn’t sell as well as the company had hoped for. Apple’s iPhone XR rocked an LCD screen, but it might be one of the last iPhones to do so.

This news doesn’t necessarily suggest that Apple will be dropping its more affordable line of iPhones, it might just mean that these, too, will be OLED iPhones in the future. With OLED technology becoming more affordable, the use of it in “budget” iPhones could become a standard in the future, so don’t write off the budget iPhone line of products just yet. The first OLED iPhones were introduced by the iPhone X, which was released in September 2017. The OLED technology in iPhones will probably continue to improve and hopefully become more accessible to the average consumer, who might not be able to afford OLED iPhones at premium prices.

If Apple is disappointed by the sales figures of the iPhone XR, it isn’t showing it. CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, recently reassured everyone that the tech company was doing well, even after Tim Cook had to let investors know that Apple wouldn’t be reaching its revenue targets. The lower revenue is apparently directly connected to the less-than-expected revenue generated by iPhone sales in 2018. Also, the company had record-breaking iPhone battery replacements in 2018, which could’ve further hampered iPhone sales, as people might opt to extend an iPhone’s lifecycle than buy a new device.

Apart from developing its OLED technology, and making it more affordable, Apple obviously has major plans for the future. What those are, will only be revealed with time.

What would you like to see from future iPhones?

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