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One Piece Anime Remake in The Works From Netflix and WIT Studio

A remake of the One Piece anime has officially been announced. It’s currently in development at Netflix and WIT Studio, the animation company behind season one of Vinland Saga, Spy x Family and the first three seasons of Attack on Titan. The new remake will re-adapt the popular manga from Eiichiro Oda starting from the very beginning of the East Blue saga.

As revealed by Anime News Network, the streaming platform Netflix is working alongside WIT Studio to remake the One Piece anime, presumably with improved animation, less filler and a faster pace than the original anime. The new adaptation will begin from the East Blue saga, the first few dozen chapters of the story, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet if it will continue beyond that. Additionally, it seems like this remake will be called “The One Piece.”

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WIT Studio has been praised for its high-quality animation in the past, so the company is more than capable of retelling One Piece‘s story with better visuals that utilise modern animation to its fullest. This will also give newcomers who were perhaps put off by the anime’s 1000+ episode run a different entry point that still stays faithful to the manga while tightening up its pacing – a big criticism aimed at the original anime was its slow pace, which struggled to keep behind the manga without resorting to extensive filler stories like Naruto or Bleach.

Now that One Piece has successfully been adapted into a well-received live-action adaptation, there are more eyes on the series now than ever before. It’s smart of Netflix, which also produces the live-action show, to let newcomers experience the manga with Oda’s unique art style and creativity in animated format.

A second season of the live-action One Piece has already been greenlit by Netflix, with the showrunners apparently having plans for at least six seasons.

Source: Anime News Network

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