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One Piece Anime Will Air a Very Important Episode on 6 August

Fans of the One Piece manga from author Eiichiro Oda already know what’s coming, though anime-only watchers might be in for a big surprise soon as we near the end of the current gargantuan Wano arc. According to official sources, a very important episode of One Piece that marks a huge turning point in the manga’s story and the character journey of Luffy, is set to be aired on 6 August 2023 in all its animated glory.

Before we proceed, we’ll be talking about MASSIVE SPOILERS for the One Piece manga from this point, so turn around if you don’t want the surprise spoiled. The “important” event that most manga readers are excited about is, of course, the transformation of Monkey D. Luffy into Gear 5. This takes place during the height of Luffy’s battle against the Emperor, Kaido. After Luffy is seemingly killed in battle, he resurrects in his new form, Gear 5.

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That’s not the only big bombshell dropped in this event, though. It’s implied that Luffy is, in some way or form, a reincarnation of Joyboy, the mysterious figure central to the story’s titular treasure. Additionally, Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi (his Rubber Devil Fruit) is actually revealed to be a mythical Zoan fruit called the Human-Human Fruit, which has a direct connection to Nika, the Sun God.

It’s a lot of information and surprises to take in but amidst all the exciting revelations, Luffy’s true fruit is believed to possess boundless power and freedom. Of course, Luffy uses this as an opportunity to transform the heated fight against Kaido into a Looney Tunes skit, complete with its trademark exaggerated animation. It’s no wonder that Toei Animation hired a Looney Tunes animator to work on the episode.

If you want to watch Luffy’s long-awaited transformation into Gear 5, the episode is scheduled to air on 6 August this year.

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