One Piece Episode 1071 Things You Missed Geear 5

One Piece Episode 1072 – Release Date, Time and What to Expect

The One Piece anime recently took the world by storm after Monkey D. Luffy finally achieved his long-awaited Gear 5 form in his ongoing battle to liberate Wano Country from its ruler, the Emperor Kaido. However, episode 1071 was just the beginning of the fight as it’s expected to continue in the next exciting episode. Here’s the exact release date, time and what you can expect from episode 1072 (without spoiling anything, of course).

Creator Eiichiro Oda dropped a bombshell on One Piece fans about Luffy’s true Devil Fruit abilities. Turns out it’s not actually the Gum-Gum Fruit but a powerful Mythical Zoan type called the Human-Human Fruit Model Nika (after the in-universe Sun God Nika). If you want a better explanation of Luffy’s Gear 5 powers and its connections to Joy Boy, make sure you read up about it here.

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One Piece Episode 1072 Release Date and Time

Episode 1072 of the One Piece anime will air on Sunday, 13 August at 9:30am JST. For those watching it on Crunchyroll, the episode will drop on the service around one hour after it airs in Japan at 3:30am CAT (Monday) or 6:30pm PT, though times could slightly change or differ.

As for what fans can expect, it will be a continuation of Luffy’s fight (or rematch) against Kaido, this time in his powerful Gear 5 form. We’ll likely see some of Luffy’s new abilities as a result of this transformation. Elsewhere, we’ll potentially get a look at how the rest of the crew – and Wano Country as a whole – reacts to Gear 5 as the Onigashima Raid’s casualties pile up. Hopefully we’ll also get an explanation for what Zunesha actually meant by “Joy Boy has returned”, though we’ll leave that up to speculation for now.

Check out the teaser trailer for episode 1072 of One Piece below:

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  • Azura 8 August 2023

    Considering SquareEnix’s carelessness in transforming a saga of games from Jrpg to Action game, I’m not surprised by the failure of Final Fantasy 16

    A suitable sales failure for a game that is not only a bad action game, flat, empty, repetitive and without any challenge, but also fails to be a Final Fantasy, since it has no RPG component, and instead becomes boast of copying action games like DMC and God of War, failing miserably.

    Bottom line FF16 is another bad game that shouldn’t have been made.
    And that only clarifies how SquareEnix no longer cares what a Final Fantasy is, as it thinks that by sticking the name everywhere it thinks it will be successful, but people and fans are smarter than SquareEnix. And if he doesn’t go back to making JRPG games then he won’t go back to seeing oldies either

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