One Piece Odyssey Dev Diary New Gameplay

One Piece Odyssey Gets Dev Diary Showing Plenty of New Gameplay

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s upcoming JPRG One Piece Odyssey has received a new dev diary video showing of tons of new gameplay as well as exploring aspects of the new story through cutscenes. The new game will feature an original story from the manga’s author Eiichiro Oda and feature a few spins on the turn-based system that highlights each Straw Hat pirate’s strengths and abilities.

The latest dev diary video for One Piece Odyssey starts off with an introduction from producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki, composer Motoi Sakuraba and Ken Takano from Weekly Shounen Jump. We get a deep dive into some of the gameplay mechanics at work, illustrating the game’s turn-based system, exploration, characters and more.

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One Piece Odyssey will feature random encounters with monsters while out exploring. However, unlike other JRPGs, players can see the monsters in the environments and actively choose to avoid those encounters if they want.

Furthermore, each character will have a different method of traversing the mysterious island. For example, Monkey D. Luffy’s rubber abilities allow him to latch onto objects and swing around or close short distances. We also get a look at the designs for new characters designed by Oda himself, including newcomers Adio and Lin.

For those unfamiliar with the source material, One Piece is an ongoing manga from Eiichiro Oda published in Japan’s Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. It tells the tale of Monkey D. Luffy, a pirate who aspires to become Pirate King and seek ultimate freedom in a world heavily oppressed by a tyrannical World Government. Luffy acquires a crew of powerful pirates who set out on an adventure to find the legendary treasure, One Piece, of the former Pirate King Gold Roger.

One Piece Odyssey launches sometime in 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the full dev diary below.

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