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One Piece’s Luffy Was One of Netflix’s Hardest Casting Challenges Ever

The live-action adaptation of One Piece released this year to critical and commercial success, quickly climbing to become one of Netflix’s most-watched shows of the year. Praise was given to the cast of the show as most fans felt that the actors embodied their manga counterparts extremely well, especially in the case of lead Iñaki Godoy who plays Monkey D. Luffy. According to Netflix, casting Luffy was one of the most difficult casting challenges ever.

Speaking during a Q3 earnings call, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos talked about the live-action One Piece and the challenges of finding the right actor to play Luffy on the show. Given the character’s energetic and comical nature, casting Luffy was always going to be a tall order but they seemed to have struck gold with Godoy.

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Sarandos spoke about casting Luffy and how they found Iñaki Godoy:

“One of the most difficult casting challenges in the history of our original programming was who’s gonna play Monkey D. Luffy? [Godoy] was right under our nose, right in our talent family. We discovered him a couple years ago and had him in this great show, a Mexican series called Who Killed Sara? And then we were able to cast him in this, and now he’s a global superstar.”

In our review for the series, we praised the entire Straw Hat Pirates cast and talked about Godoy’s Luffy as well: “As for the main Straw Hat Pirates, this is the finest ensemble of actors to ever portray their anime counterparts in a live-action adaptation. Iñaki Godoy simply embodies the ideals and magnetic optimism of Luffy perfectly.”

Season 2 of One Piece has already been greenlit and the showrunners are aiming to cast Jamie Lee Curtis in the next season. Make sure you also check out our exclusive interview with Steven John Ward, the actor behind Dracule Mihawk.

One Piece is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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