OnlyFans Backtracks On Sexually Explicit Content Ban and Promises “Inclusion”

"OnlyFans stands for inclusion"

OnlyFans Sexually Explicit
OnlyFans Backtracks On Sexually Explicit Content Ban and Promises “Inclusion”

OnlyFans has been in the spotlight for the past few weeks after the popular content creator platform announced it would ban sexually explicit content on 1 October 2021. Various factors were involved in this ban especially related to the lack of investors over the platform’s sexual content. OnlyFans has also been under fire due to the reports of child pornography being uploaded to the site. However, in a complete 180, OnlyFans has announced that it will no longer ban sexually explicit content in October.

The company announced in a tweet that the 1 October 2021 changes are no longer a requirement due to the banking partners’ assurances that OnlyFans can support “all” genres of creators. This includes creators who publish and share sexually explicit videos and photos.


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OnlyFans hasn’t shared exactly what the new policies will entail when they come into effect in October but the message is clear. However, some damage has already been done to the platform. Sexually explicit content creators and sex workers on OnlyFans had already begun deleting content that supposedly violated its terms of use. In addition, these users have already started shifting over to new platforms ahead of the now-cancelled changes in policy. They can now decide to stay on the site and hope the money remains stable or find new sites to join.

The proposed October 1st, 2021 changes are no longer required due to banking partners’ assurances that OnlyFans can support all genres of creators.”

It is completely up to the users now. OnlyFans did kind of throw them under the bus even after the platform raked in billions of dollars thanks to the sexually explicit content uploaded every day. The company has not publically shared how the recent ban announcement affected its user and creator base yet.

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