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OnlyFans To Ban Sexually Explicit From October Under Certain Conditions

Believe it or not but OnlyFans is actually not a homemade porn site where anyone can sign up and sell their nude videos to people. The platform was originally built as a place to share and express your content online. However, over time people began to use it as an NSFW site and since then, it has grown into a massive adult porn industry. That is all about to change as OnlyFans has announced that starting in October, the company will no longer allow adult videos and photos on the platform if you don’t meet the site’s new acceptable use policy.

OnlyFans claims that the removal of pornography on the platform comes from the immense pressure from banking partners around the world. They are struggling to get investors to invest in the platform due to its current reputation. This has resulted in a focus shift for the company and they have been forced to readjust their stance on adult material.


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It all boils down to how the site and its content is moderated. According to the BBC, OnlyFans has been treating its creators unfairly when it comes to strikes and bans. The report claims that certain users with a larger subscriber base would often get away with breaking the site’s policy guidelines. However, users with smaller numbers on their profiles would then get issued three warnings before their accounts were terminated.

The accounts with higher subscribers would also be handled by a private team at OnlyFans which gave them more control over the funding and popularity. The BBC also claims that the moderation and compliance guidelines were often tweaked by the company’s CEO to fit certain criteria that suited the platform at that time. This then leads to another hurdle – The reports of child abuse and sexual exploitation being shared on the platform.

While OnlyFans claimed in its recent transparency report that the company is invested in fighting child sexual exploration on the site, it also banned 15 accounts in July. These accounts were allegedly sharing child pornography and were listed in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s database.

So at the moment, OnlyFans is struggling to tackle three main factors that may be contributing to the change in policy. One being the banking pressure due to the immense amount of money being earned by the “creators” but with no investors around. The second is the loose policy guidelines that favour larger accounts and lastly, the recent findings of child sexual exploitation have now put a massive spotlight on the platform.

OnlyFans says that while they aren’t getting rid of sexual content completely, users who want to continue on the platform will have to abide by a new policy guideline. By the sound of things, nude content will still be allowed on the platform but pornography might get the chop. The company has yet to share the specifics on what this may entail but it will most likely put in place stricter tax control, verified age-compliant accounts and more. If users want to produce nude content, they will have to follow this new policy. OnlyFans is expected to share its new transparent policy in the coming weeks.

Source: Bloomberg

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