ONRUSH Servers Closing Down Codemasters

ONRUSH Servers are Closing Down Later This Week

ONRUSH, the arcade racer from developer Codemasters and publisher Deep Silver, is closing down its servers on 30 September. A post on the game’s official Reddit broke the news, citing that GameSpark, the company that the game utilises, is closing its service.

ONRUSH released back in May 2018 to mostly positive reviews, with many praising its arcade racing elements, stylish gameplay and awesome soundtrack. Unfortunately, players had to hop online to experience everything that the game offered, which alienated many at the time. Now, it looks like servers are finally shutting down several years later, but not because of a lack of support from Codemasters.

The statement provided on Reddit reads:

“Hello all, I wanted to make an announcement to let people know that the ONRUSH online servers are being shut down. This is because the game uses the GameSpark’s online services, and since that service is being shut down, ONRUSH servers will go with it. It doesn’t seem Codemasters will implement a new online system since the game was already delisted earlier this month. With this online shutdown, this means you will no longer be able to progress in singleplayer, so make sure to get as many items as possible before the servers go!”

Fortunately, players will still be able to play the campaign even after the servers close, but won’t be able to earn any credits or XP, which is quite vital to progression in the game.

In related news, ONRUSH made our list of the top 10 overlooked and underrated PS4 games that you really should play. It was originally developed by Codemasters Cheshire before the studio was closed down and merged with Criterion Games to help develop future Need for Speed games.

You can still pick up ONRUSH via the PlayStation and Xbox stores as it frequently goes on sale.

Source: Reddit

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