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Oppenheimer Has Strange Nudity Censorship in Some Regions

Oppenheimer, the latest biopic thriller from The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan, kicked off its box office run with a bang over the past weekend. It marks the director’s first use of the R rating since 2002’s Insomnia, which warns audiences of sex and nudity in addition to profanity. However, viewers quickly noticed that same nude scenes involving actress Florence Pugh were censored in regions including India.

Pugh, who plays theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer’s love interest Jean Tatlock in the movie, has a few scenes in which she appears nude. However, India’s censors used some strange methods to block out any form of nudity, including one scene which covered Pugh’s nude appearance with a badly edited black CGI dress. According to other reports, another early explicit sex scene involving Pugh was also heavily censored.

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Users on Twitter have noted that this isn’t exclusive censorship to India as other regions also had these scenes altered as well. Despite these changes, Oppenheimer was considered a box office success on opening weekend, having a particularly large opening in India that led to its massive $175 million worldwide earnings.

Oppenheimer depicts the personal life of J. Robert Oppenheimer in great detail, which includes a look into his more intimate moments with past lovers. Above all, it’s a retelling of the events that led to the creation of the world’s first atomic bomb and its nuclear test in Los Alamos during the 1940s – an event that would not only signal the end of World War II but also devastate two Japanese cities in the process.

Oppenheimer’s life is put under the microscope by courts during the movie, which gives us further insight into his personal activities before and after the invention of the bomb. Naturally, his past relationship with communist party member Jean Tatlock is also explored through sex scenes and some instances of nudity which Nolan doesn’t really shy away from.

Oppenheimer is currently in cinemas worldwide.

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