Ori: and Will of the Wisps Renders at 6K on Xbox Series X, Downsamples to 4K – Report
"The game is going to look magical on the Series X."

The Xbox Series X is going to do some magical things to past games. Microsoft has worked hard to optimize its current lineup including Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4 and more. These games will benefit from higher frame rates, super-fast load times and of course increased resolutions. However, Ori: and The Will of the Wisps seems to include something even better. According to a report, the Xbox Series X upscales the resolution of the game to 6K and then downsamples that to 4K. This results in a super-refined image.


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Don’t forget that Ori: and The Will of the Wisps is one of the few games that will support 4K120Hz too. However, we don’t know if this supersampled resolution will go alongside the 120Hz feature or if the game will offer two graphics options to choose from. According to multiple users, The Touryst is another Xbox Series X enhanced game that makes use of the same supersampling render method.

This supersampling is no doubt possible thanks to the game’s low visual requirements. While Ori: and The Will of the Wisps looks superb in motion, it does not need a powerhouse PC to run it. This means the Xbox Series X can take full advantage of the game by boosting multiple aspects of the experience.

While I have been testing out the Xbox Series X and S and its enhanced games, Ori: and The Will of the Wisps is not yet updated with the enhancements. I will be able to share more details on the games and how they perform soon.

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