Origin Black Friday Sale Boasts Some Great Deals Revealed

Origin Black Friday 2019 Sale deals Electronic Arts
Origin Black Friday Sale Boasts Some Great Deals Revealed

The Origin Black Friday Sale is live for PC gamers to throw their wallet at and during this time, we are really all spoiled for choice when it comes to digital deals. The Origin Black Friday Sale will run until 3 December 2019 and a bit surprisingly (judging by last year) there are some great deals to grab on Electronic Arts titles.

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Some of the best deals on games published by Electronic Arts include Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition for R90, Need for Speed: Heat which Marco called the best Need for Speed in years in our review, at R666 for a newly released title and some others at great prices.

Find even more Origin Black Friday Sale deals from Electronic Arts here.

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What do you think about the sale and which deals do you plan on picking up? Let us know in the comment section below.

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