Our TI9 Day 4 Fantasy Roster Picks – Go Big or Go Home

If you’ve been following our Fantasy Challenge roster picks, then you should be close to or just over 2500 points when Day 3 of the Main Event ends. It’s been mostly a smooth ride with some minor bumps here and there but today, you will have to make a big decision in your TI9 Day 4 Fantasy roster picks for The International 2019’s Main Event.

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First up, there are a total of six teams that will play matches on Day 4 of The International 2019, but there are only two that you should focus on, Team Liquid or Royal Never Give Up. This is because one of these teams will play two matches in the lower bracket, while the rest only playing one match. That’s also why our TI9 Day 4 Fantasy roster picks could go up early today while Day 3 matches are still going on because you really want the two matches for maximum points.

The winner of Team Liquid versus Royal Never Give Up will face off against the loser of OG versus EG. That’s why we have a big decision to make here as for maximum points for the day, you will need to choose the winner between Team Liquid and Royal Never Give Up. The latter has the crowd on their side and managed to defeated Virtus.Pro in their last match. However, Liquid has that big game temperament, they are TI winners and they have Puppey. These teams also didn’t face either other in the group stage. However, the last time these two teams played at MDL Macau 2019, Liquid won 2-0.

With that information in hand and watching the matches from both teams during the tournament, I went all-in on Team Liquid in my TI9 Day 4 Fantasy roster picks.

TI9 Fantasy Roster Picks Day 4

As you can see, my TI9 Day 4 Fantasy roster picks are risky today. If you want to stay on the safe side, I would suggest going 3 players from Liquid and two on Royal Never Give Up. So your picks then should look like this:

  • KuroKy
  • w33
  • Miracle-
  • Ah Fu
  • Monet

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What does your TI9 Day 4 Fantasy roster picks for the Main Event look like? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to stay tuned to GLITCHED for daily Fantasy Challenge roster picks for TI9 as well as all the coverage for The International 2019.

Esports | Our TI9 Day 4 Fantasy Roster Picks – Go Big or Go Home
Esports | Our TI9 Day 4 Fantasy Roster Picks – Go Big or Go Home






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