Our TI9 Fantasy Challenge Day 4 Roster Picks
TI9 Fantasy Challenge The International 2019
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Day 4 of the group stages is by far the most difficult of the TI9 Fantasy Challenge roster picks thus far. Tomorrow, teams fighting for a spot in the upper bracket and teams trying to survive in The International 2019 will face off in tiebreaker matches after the final, scheduled group stage matches complete. This is what makes the TI9 Fantasy Challenge picks for 18 August 2019 so incredibly difficult, as you have to guess which teams will end up in tiebreakers after the scheduled matchups complete.

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If you’ve been following my TI9 Fantasy Challenge roster picks so far, you should be in the top 10% (I’m at 1598 points right now) which, at the end of the tournament, will net you a nice 16,000 Battle Points, but there is still a long way to go. I cannot stress enough how difficult the decisions for the Day 4 roster is and honestly, I can’t guarantee a good day, as anything can happen and teams that I think might play tiebreaker matches might not end up doing so.

With that being said, the teams that will for certain play two matches during Day 4 are: EG, Fnatic, Infamous, NiP, RNG, VP and Vici. If you want to get the possible maximum points for your TI9 Fantasy Challenge Day 4 roster picks, then you will need to select players from the teams mentioned above who you also think will play extra tiebreaker matches after the scheduled matches for the day completes.

Check out my TI9 Fantasy Challenge roster picks for Day 4 of the group stages below.

TI9 Fantasy Challenge The International 2019

As you can see, I went with a bit of a YOLO play, hoping that Fnatic or Infamous (or both) make it into tiebreakers. Further, EG’s upper bracket spot is not yet secured. That’s why I picked Sumail as he will probably do very well in his scheduled two matches, with a possibility of tiebreakers.

If you just want to be safe and get decent points, go with Dy, Fly, Sumail, Paparazi and Arteezy.

Again, this is my best guess based on a lot of research and watching all the games from the teams so far. However, I cannot gaurantee a good score for the day this time around as there is a chance that none of the teams I have selected could make it into the tiebreakers.

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What does your Fantasy Challenge Day 4 roster for The International 2019 look like? Feel free to share your picks in the comments below and stay tuned at GLITCHED for all the Dota 2 esports coverage including daily Fantasy Challenge roster picks, the All-Stars match, the Main Event bracket predictions and more.






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